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when it all comes together

AIMS is a state-wide association that connects Montessori teachers and administrators from all across Illinois. It is a valuable resource, with hundreds of members looking to connect, share and learn. There is also a yearly conference, which requires a solid and reliable platform from which to strategize, organize and communicate. Cobalt Extensions has been providing seamless membership management service for several years, and was recently asked to update their website, to take advantage of a new logo and more the more powerful features that Wild Apricot provides.

the logo*

Although Cobalt Extensions did not design AIMS's new logo, we were able to help out by making it more user friendly for screen display as well as for printing. It was re-rendered and colored as a vector image, to better handle the demands of scalability and color reproduction. 

pixel-based photo image

vector-based image
(infinitely scalable)

the website

AIMS's website is pivotal to their operations, and it was in need of a facelift, both aesthetically and functionally. 



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