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data that works for you 

why a reporting database?

Wild Apricot is a great system and we have implemented it for a large number of clients.  However, an advanced or saved search may not:

provide the information you need
and / or

you require a highly formatted and attractive report

With your Wild Apricot data synced nightly to a reporting database built on a non-proprietary SQL database, we can build and implement reports and dashboards using industry standard tools like MS Access, Google Data Studio or any reporting or data dashboard tool that supports industry standard SQL databases.  Comfortable developing reports and dashboards already?  You can build them yourself.

current table choices

Members and Contacts: This is the entire contacts table in Wild Apricot, including all Contact Common Fields and all Membership fields.  Add, remove or modify a field in Wild Apricot?  No problem.  The reporting database automatically reflects these changes.


This is actually two tables.  The events table and a table we create which contains a list of all event participants and the events which they participated in.


This is a log of all changes made to contact/member records in Wild Apricot.  This is something missing from Wild Apricot which helps in situations where other systems need to be updated when changes are made by contacts/members in Wild Apricot.

custom tables

We can create a custom query using a combination of any of the above tables to generate a SQL view with exactly the information you are looking for.

why a report distribution service?

Often, a report needs to be generated on a regular basis, say every day, week, month or something more interesting like every other Tuesday.  Further, it may be convenient if the report could automatically delivered to the proper recipients such as other staff or the board.  Cobalt Extension can schedule reports that are generated in PDF, Excel or Word format and delivered to recipients via email or into a folder in most cloud-based file storage services (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive).  Different reports can have different delivery locations and schedules to fit the needs of the organization.

plan to develop your own reports/dashboards?

If you plan to develop your own reports, we will reach out by the next business day with the private credentials, server address and database name for your organization's reporting database.  Your reporting database will already be populated.

would you like us to develop the reports/dashboards?

The first part of the process is the same when we develop the reports.  Just click the "contact me for reporting requirements" field when signing up.  We can typically complete reports within 2 business days of the request.  Simple single table reports typically run $100.  Most reports will run under $200.  Dashboards vary significantly depending on the requirements so we will be happy to discuss your requirements and give you a quote.

data how you need it


If you would like to discuss your needs prior to signing up for service, feel free to reach out to us at help@cobaltextensions.com or +1 847.823.1830.


All pricing below is for up to 2,000 contacts.  However, our solution supports many times this number so feel free to contact us if you database exceeds that number.


We like to "eat our own dog food" so we run our billing on Wild Apricot's membership platform.  Consequently, you will sign up for the membership level that meets your needs and billing will be automatic through WA's recurring payments feature.  If your database contains more than 2,000 records, contact us at info@cobaltextensions.com so we can provide pricing and get you started. 

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We would be happy to discuss how we may be of service to you and your organization.

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