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keeping the old in the new

The Caxton Club was founded in January 1895 by fifteen bibliophiles. Today the venerated book club numbers over 300 resident and non-resident members--authors, binders, collectors, conservators, dealers, designers, editors, librarians, publishers, and scholars--who share the love of books. They reached out to Cobalt Extensions for help in transitioning to Wild Apricot and its membership features, as well as redesigning their website, which had become trapped in a dated site template. Since they don't have a dedicated physical space, they were keen for the website to reflect the heritage associated with their club. We were very excited to dive into a project with such a rich legacy.

the website

We worked closely with The Caxton club to make sure we captured the essence of their image. Even though the new website is modern and responsive, its look and feel keep alive the over 100 year-old history of the club and the fact that much of the passion in the club is centered around a love of collected, antique books. 

Below is a comparison of the old site and the current Wild Apricot site.



In working with the Caxton Club, we were sensitive to the importance of getting the look and feel of the website in line with the members' perception of their organization, so we presented several visual styles for them to consider. Below are three options that were reviewed prior to arriving at the final design.

promotional materials

We were also asked to create some promotional pieces for The Caxton Club's latest publishing venture, Chicago by the Book: 101 Publications That Shaped the City and Its Image. These were created in the style of the book, to keep all the events connected, visually.

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